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2009: A Review 0

2009: A Review

Every time I speak to somebody back at home about my experiences in Florida, there is one thing I always talk about, and that is my amazement at just how quickly time is passing...

The ATPLS are over! 0

The ATPLS are over!

At long last, the ATPL is over. On Thursday 19 November, I received my last set of results for the two exams I had to resit; Instrumentation and Meteorology, and I passed both of...

Bella Vida in Kissimmee, Florida 0

Bella Vida in Kissimmee, Florida

I didn’t know anybody when I arrived in Florida for my pilot training in January 2009 so it made sense to move into the school’s student accommodation at the Kissimmee Pines Villas, just off...

Yet More Exam Results 0

Yet More Exam Results

When sitting the final round of ATPL exams at the beginning of October, I came away from most of the six feeling confident about my performance, and was convinced that I passed the majority...