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The below websites are ones that I either use now or have used in the past, and highly recommended. I am not affiliated with any of the companies listed below and I do not gain from your visits to any of their websites.

To have your website listed here – preferably those that are similar to my own – please get in touch. I am happy to link to commercial websites, providing such sites are beneficial to pilots e.g. flight planning, aviation weather etc. I will aim to add any links within a couple of days.

ATPL Online – The ATPL Multiple Choice Question Database

The JAA ATPL exams are tough – all 14 of them – and with limits on the number of times you can attempt them, first time passes are important. Used sensibly with what has been learned at ground school and from your manuals, Bristol Ground School’s ATPL question bank is a great way of testing yourself. Randomly generated tests, using many of the actual questions (and answers), will give you a good idea of how your study is going. This isn’t a free service, however, and prices start at £10.00 for a week-long subscription, rising to £200.00 for 12 months. I used the question bank for much of 2009 and I understand that it has now been improved a great deal. Although you can no longer do every question for each module in just one sitting (now limited to 200 a time), the question bank now has a greater focus on students’ progress. Be aware that the question bank is not a downloadable piece of software, but an online question bank, accessed by visiting the above website.

Aviation Briefing Service by the Met Office (UK Pilots)

A free service provided by Met Office, offering pilots of all abilities access to in-depth weather information including; TAFs and METARs, briefing charts, text forecasts, graphical displays and keys, which assist pilots with the de-coding of the information. Registration is required to access the website, and, whilst the free service suits most, an optional premium subscription is available for £56.40.

Aviation Weather Center (US Pilots)

The Aviation Weather Center is the US equivalent of the Met Office’s Aviation Briefing Service. Access to the comprehensive list of weather services is free and requires no subscription. In almost an instant, pilots can find SIGMET and AIRMET information, convective activity, turbulence, icing, TAFs, METARs and more. Again, this information is almost all available in text or graphic format.

Federal Aviation Administration – Flight Planning (US Pilots)

The Flight Planning page of the FAA website provides some essential resources for pilots embarking on flights. It acts as a check-list, telling pilots what they need to do before they take to the skies; airport and delay information, useful tips for working effectively with air traffic control, weather information, NOTAMs, TFRs and flight planning information. A flight planning form, in PDF format, is also available.

CSC DUATS (Direct User Access Terminal Service) on the Web (US Pilots)

I used to find it a real pain when filing flight plans by telephone, so it was great to have this useful website recommended to me. Access to the DUATS website is available only to licensed pilots and student pilots in the United States, all of whom should register for a free account. Users can file flight plans online, whilst still having access to all the same information provide by Flight Service on 1-800-WX-BRIEF; current and continuous weather information in plain English (nothing to de-code) and route briefings in particular. By creating a pilot profile at DUATS, future flight plans can be filed in seconds, which isn’t possible by phone. Just make sure that you log on to the website to close flight plans at airports where there is no control tower to do it for you – otherwise search and rescue will be out looking for you!

Bristol Aviation (No longer trading)

Based at Bristol Lulsgate International Airport, Bristol Aviation provides flight training for those after a JAA Private Pilot Licence (PPL), Instrument Ratings (IR) and Commerical Pilot Licences (CPL). With a good sized fleet of single and multi engine Piper aircraft, the possibilities are endless at Bristol. This school went into administration on 18 May 2012.

Orlando Flight Training (Airline Career Academy) (No longer trading)

Orlando Flight Training provides both FAA and JAA flight training at Kissimmee Airport, just outside of Orlando, Florida. A good selection of Piper, Cessna and Beech aircraft are available to students wanting to complete private pilot training, instrument ratings and commercial pilot training. Aircraft hire rates are reasonable, and, with a good selection of affordable hotels and motels within a 20-30 minute walk and the Disneyworld complex just a 20 minute bus ride away, there is no better place for hour-builders to visit on their holidays. The company also offers training at Merritt Island (KCOI) and Fort Lauderdale Executive (KFXE) airports.

CRM Aviation Europe Ltd

Based at White Waltham airfield, close to Maidenhead and Heathrow, CRM Aviation is a simulator-based flight training provider. As a former student on their MCC course, I was a very satisfied customer and found their 8-day programme to be informative, interesting and exceptional value for money. The school also offers other courses including JOC (jet orientation) and various instrument-related ones, too. Read my full review about CRM here.

If you find that one of the above links is not working, please let me know!

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