Extended mobile contracts for EE customers

For any mobile phone users who were once with T-Mobile or Orange, be aware that your new provider – EE – may have extended your contract without your knowledge.

Some months ago, I was a little surprised to see on the EE iPhone app that my contract end date was showing as March 2015. Knowing that I had taken it out in late December 2012, I was puzzled as to how three extra months had been added to the already very lengthy 24 month agreement. Sadly, EE were of little assistance, telling me that they could offer no explanation, and that because their system said the contract ended in March 2015, then there was little that could be done.

For a little while, I thought nothing more of this confusing situation.

Back on the company’s phone app today, it told me that my contract had started in September 2013, which was definitely wrong. It also told me that my contract duration was 18 months. Again, incorrect.

After speaking to lots of different people during my Boxing Day telephone call to EE, they at last backed down and admitted that there had been a mistake made during the transition of accounts from T-Mobile and Orange over to EE. I was told that at the time of switching accounts, account holders’ contracts were pushed back to the nearest three months e.g. in my case, I was about two weeks away from the next three month period, so I was pushed back two and a half months. EE “should” have told me about this, so say the various people working in the company’s call centre, but they didn’t tell me. I suspect lots of others won’t have been told either.

So, if like me you crave a nice shiny new phone once in a while, but your contract end date still seems a million years away, check and see if EE have sneakily extended your plan too.

There was no penalty for me to end the contract and EE were happy to cancel it effective Monday 29 December. I’ve added a week or so to this date and have since taken out a sim only rolling contract with Three.

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