ATPL Exam Results – Round 1

The day that I – and perhaps others – had been dreading for almost a fortnight finally arrived today, much to our surprise. We had been told to expect the outcome of our exams on Thursday, Friday or even Monday, so to find out that they had arrived earlier than anticipated was not a great feeling! My results were as I had expected and I passed Aircraft General Knowledge (Systems, Electrics and Power Plants) with 87% and Air Law with 93%. Unfortunately, my score on the Instrumentation exam, whilst not dreadful, was a mere 71%. For all of these exams, the pass mark is 75%, so I missed out by just two questions. I was a little disappointed after finding out how I had done but I am over it now. Yes, I have to sit it again, and yes, it is going to cost another £86, but sulking over my score will not change anything. I will re-sit the exam in August or October.

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