An Eventful Week

So, with exam week over and a birthday in the house, what better way to celebrate than to drink loads and then spend hours in the swimming pool, having lots of fun and doing all sorts of stupid things. That’s exactly what we did on the night of Friday 6 June after our day at Seaworld, where we mingled with the whales, dolphins and other sea creatures. The night started off well and the drink started flowing from about 7.00pm with an endless playlist of cheesy music blasting out as well.

By around 11.00pm, most were a little tipsy so we headed over to the pool and decided to continue the birthday there. It wasn’t long – around 2 hours in fact – until I was throwing up in the bushes, and so, I decided to call it a night and headed home to bed. Despite having enjoyed a number of vodka and Red Bull, no doubt containing enough caffeine to last me a year, I had no problems drifting off to sleep pretty quickly.

Shortly after 3.00am, there was a knock on my door and I was asked if I had hidden any laptops. Of course, I hadn’t and nor would I, regardless of the state I was in – sober or not. It quickly became apparent that it wasn’t only four laptops missing but also watches, wallets, a handbag and even a passport. We had unfortunately been burgled whilst out celebrating and the perpetrators had taken a lot of stuff. In a deep sleep and with my bedroom door locked, I wasn’t disturbed by the goings-on outside. My possessions were locked inside my bedroom with me so I was fortunate enough not to have lost anything. The burglary has caused a great deal of inconvenience for those affected though and it has not just been a case of replacing a couple of laptops and getting over the ordeal. Even a new passport and a new visa is going to cost several hundred dollars to replace.

Thursday 11 June was my 24th birthday and it was not particularly exciting for two reasons. No longer a child, birthdays (and Christmasses) are just like any other day. That’s reason number one. And the second reason is that I yet again had to spend the entire day in a classroom being taught all about navigation, principles of flight and more. The evening was nice though and a few of us went off for a meal at BJ’s Restaurant.

One decision I made recently was to return home for my study week next month, which I am looking forward to. It won’t be a holiday though as I am expected to put a lot of study in preparation for my exams in the first week of August, however, I want to spend some of my time with friends and family.Not only that but the American food is driving me bonkers so I want to get some proper English food down my neck; a decent roast dinner will be a good start. I also want to make a couple of trips to the Chinese takeaway and kebab van in Winnersh. Six months is a long time to go without a doner kebab! Since I am travelling home in the school holidays, the flights are filling fast and they are not particularly cheap. The cheapest ticket to be had was with American Airlines (and I didn’t really rate them after flying with them 18 months ago) and I’m stopping off in Dallas on the way home and New York on the way back.

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