I’m off to Gothenburg!

I was quite surprised recently when checking to see how far my British Airways Avios (frequent flyer points) would get me. Not looking for a long haul trip, I checked out cities closer to home and was thrilled to find return flights available for a mere 9,000 points plus a one-off charge of £30.00. All taxes were included.

Obviously the further you get away from London, the more expensive the flights, so the cheaper flights are really those within 1,000 or so miles. As you hover your cursor over the more distant cities on the airline’s route map, the number of miles required creeps up. All of the UK could be had for 9,000 points along with some European cities, even at very short notice – booking just 8 days before in my case!

Reward seats are obviously limited in number. The last thing the airline wants to do is to carry nothing but a plane load of frequent flyers, all having paid just a few pounds for their seats. Booking a trip at the last minute, I had to choose from the less popular destinations, which included Manchester, all of Scotland and some of Scandinavia. Having never been to Scandinavia before, it seemed a good choice, so I booked Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden.

The indirect flight out to Gothenburg is a little inconvenient, a two hour wait between flights isn’t ideal and Manchester is far from the most glamorous city in which to change planes, but I keep reminding myself how cheap the flights were. Despite going the long way round to Sweden, the flight arrives just in time for lunch at around 12.30pm.

After a very short flight from London Heathrow to Manchester (and it is really short – perhaps 30 minutes), we then travel with Sun Air of Scandinavia to Gothenburg. And when I say “we”, I mean myself and my chum, Marc. This small airline is a British Airways franchisee. Despite looking like any other British Airways plane in terms of colours, the airline is in fact Danish.

After much searching for a hotel, we have now decided on the centrally located Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, which is just a stone’s throw from the central train and bus station. It’s a four star establishment, which includes breakfast and the Trip Advisor reviews seem quite impressive too. At £116 per night for a twin room, it’s far from cheap, but this is Scandinavia and things seem to cost twice as much compared to home. Being in the heart of the city, waking up to a complimentary breakfast each morning and with free WiFi also available, it seems a good choice.

I’ll write about the trip when I return. I might even include some pictures too.

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