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I have spent no end of time moaning about STA Travel on my blog and how they fail to beat cheaper prices to them, despite offering a ‘best price guarantee’. I gave up complaining to STA Travel as the company’s customer relations staff and management were somewhat deluded and clearly didn’t understand the terms and conditions of the guarantee themselves! After writing about the company, no end of people approached me to share their equally as disappointing experiences with this rip-off of a company! To read my post about STA Travel, click here.

Anyway, always keen to get the best deal, I recently booked airport car parking with a company called Essential Travel. The company is based in Peterborough and claims to be “one of the UK’s leading independent online travel essentials providers” and also the cheapest, with a best price guarantee that promises a full refund if you find a cheaper quotation on the same day as booking!

Essential Travel quoted me £92.95 for 19 days of parking at Purple Parking Business (formerly Q-Park), right on the airport perimeter, so I booked up, safe in the knowledge that this price was apparently unbeatable! But with price comparison websites cropping up all of the time, a quick search revealed that Holiday Extras had the same car park available on the same dates and at the same times for exactly £1.00 less. I decided to approach Essential Travel to let them know of my findings.

It was a huge surprise to receive a response only a few days later. The one line email confirmed that the Essential Travel price had been beaten and a refund would follow just a few days later. Sure enough, I have been refunded, and I am now parking at undoubtedly the most expensive airport in the country for free.

It is great to see that at least one company delivers on its promise! Well done, Essential Travel! Hopefully the likes of STA Travel can learn a thing or two from you.

You can book travel insurance, airport parking, hotels and lounges with Essential Travel by visiting their website at or calling 0845 803 5434.

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