The first day at Orlando Flight Training

It felt like a lifetime but Monday 2 February finally came and that meant only one thing – the start of my year long flight training course in Orlando, Florida. After a couple of days in a local hotel, I packed up my belongings and made my way (nervously) to the flying school.

I left the hotel at 8.30am in order to get to the flying school about a mile away. It felt a little chilly outside, it was very overcast and humidity was at next to nothing. If it wasn’t for the obviously-American surroundings, I would have thought I was still at home.

The first day was to be an administration day, which it was. The class of 10 or so signed all sorts of forms, had photographs taken and listened to a couple of different talks about what to expect from the various courses. The students that were starting today had come from all over the world, not just from the United States and the UK like I naively assumed would be the case.

Later in the morning, I returned to the hotel to fetch my belongings and made my way to the student accommodation. The accommodation is a four-bedroomed house with shared living areas but with private bathrooms. The room I have is on the ground floor and it is much larger than expected, even with a door out onto a terrace with easy access to the tennis court and the swimming pool. The house is shared with three other new arrivals in Florida.

With a little time to kill whilst the other students went to be fingerprinted (I had mine done in Farnborough before leaving the UK), I unpacked my cases and had a look around the local area before heading off to meet my flight instructor in the afternoon.

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