The end of the ATPLs and a surprise visit

It was brought to my attention today that the site hasn’t been updated for a while so I decided to make some time to write about the recent goings-on. Since the last update on 30 August, a fair amount has happened here in sunny Florida. It has been a hectic month but a really enjoyable one too.

Firstly, and probably most importantly, I had a surprise visit from my family in early September. Bored of studying, I went off for a McDonald’s, like I usually do. When I came back, I was shocked to see both of my parents sat in the living room at the house. Of course, I knew that they would visit me at some stage, but this was a complete surprise. And seeing as I had spoken to both of them on the phone only 24 hours beforehand, this visit was totally unexpected! Their visit lasted for only a week, which seemed to pass by really quickly, but we made the most of the time; eating out every night, enjoying some of the better sights that Florida has to offer and flying. It was a real thrill for me since this was my first real chance to show my parents what I have achieved over the past eight months. All too soon, it was time for both of them to head home and for me to get back to the studying.

We finished the ATPL ground school on 25 September, 165 days after setting foot in the classroom for the first time. Back in April, I remember wondering to myself how I would cope with the long and intense days of class, but the time has passed by really quickly, and I am glad it has. I am looking forward to finishing the ATPL over the next couple of months and then getting back to the daily flying, working towards my instrument rating.

My friend, Marc, should have been visiting in early October but his trip has unfortunately been cancelled for personal reasons, which is a real shame. With some time to spare between the ATPL and the start of the flying, it could have been a really great week. Another friend, Andrew, and his chums will be visiting towards the end of October, which is also something I am really looking forward to.

I recently booked my final flight out of Florida and that is scheduled for Saturday 30 January 2010. That will mark the end of the year-long ‘Pro Pilot’ experience for me. It will be sad to eventually leave this place but exciting at the same time. The future is sure to be exciting and I am always thinking about where I might one day end up!

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