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Weight Loss Success

It was back in the very early Autumn, on finding out that I had been invited to an assessment for British Airways, that I decided getting into shape was long overdue. Keen to look reasonably presentable for my assessment, I hit the healthy eating right away – and I hit it hard.


Scared of what the scales might say, I didn’t weigh myself at the very beginning. I just got to work on living a healthier lifestyle and bravely stepped onto the scales when I felt a little bit better about my appearance – on the morning of my assessment! The number staring up at me was 182lbs. This wasn’t to say that I was morbidly obese but I was still overweight and there was a way to go. But I was seeing and feeling the results and that encouraged me to keep going.

Several weeks have passed since my assessment and the scales now show a much healthier 158lbs. My body mass index is well within limits and I am now much happier with my healthier appearance.

The pictures accompanying this post show me at my heaviest (211lbs) and my lightest (158lb). The difference is 3 stones 11 pounds.

There are a few things that I have done to achieve this:

  • Portion control – even too much of a seemingly healthy food can be bad for you
  • Studying the nutritional values of everything that I eat – from calories to fat to sugar
  • Avoiding eating out – so I know what is going into my food
  • Ditching soft drinks and sticking to tea, coffee and water
  • Switching everything from white to brown – whether rice, pasta or bread (in moderation) and potatoes to the sweet variety
  • Eating two meals a day and snacking on gherkins and cucumber the rest of the day
  • Going for very long walks
  • Drinking plenty of water – normally 3 to 4 litres per day

Dieting is very straightforward and I have no time for anybody who struggles to commit to a healthy eating plan. Healthy eating can be fun and once you identify all of the right foods to eat, making a meal out of them can be really very fun. Sin-free herbs and spices can instantly turn a bland meal into something fantastic e.g. covering a piece of cod with some tandoori spice.

I enjoy oats in one form or another every single day. I take a 35-40g portion and do something different each time – whether a plain old bowl of porridge, an oat biscuit filled with fruit or baked oats topped with honey.

I am about to set off to Thailand before joining British Airways. For the first time in a long time, I am now embarrassed about how I will look in my shorts whilst sat on the beach. I have worked really hard to shed the pounds and I am feeling fantastic.

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