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Category: Flying in America

The ATPLS are over! 0

The ATPLS are over!

At long last, the ATPL is over. On Thursday 19 November, I received my last set of results for the two exams I had to resit; Instrumentation and Meteorology, and I passed both of...

Yet More Exam Results 0

Yet More Exam Results

When sitting the final round of ATPL exams at the beginning of October, I came away from most of the six feeling confident about my performance, and was convinced that I passed the majority...

The end of the ATPLs and a surprise visit 0

The end of the ATPLs and a surprise visit

It was brought to my attention today that the site hasn’t been updated for a while so I decided to make some time to write about the recent goings-on. Since the last update on...